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Welcome to meralog.com, formerly metapleroma.org. This site is foremost and outmost a portal to the deep web information found “out there” on the Internet. Anyone can register and post here, while we reserve the right to remove anything without a necessity to provide any reason to do so. The main themes of this site, though not limited to, is about healings, inspirations, insights and unusual happenings, designed for people with physical and mental conditions and disabilities, for artists, photographers, musicians, writers, mystics and healers.

Meralog.com is a web portal with the objective of review of spiritual wisdom, philosophy, art, photography, music and other related subjects.

“It is not possible to correct yourself rightly if you do not recognize the evil hidden in your heart and the calamities that proceed from it. An unrecognized disease remains untreated. The beginning of health is to know your disease, and the beginning of blessedness is to know your misfortune and wretchedness. For who having recognized his illness does not seek healing, and who knowing his misfortune does not seek deliverance from it?” – St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

Our goal is to promote the Spirit and empower those who wish to learn about Western and Eastern traditions. Here you will find a forum covering a wide range of spiritual subjects, a free library which contains many spiritual and religious books as well as a collection of free downloadable mp3s of spiritual, classical, instrumental, electroacoustic, ambient, meditative, relaxation, sleep and dream musical soundscapes, and a directory of our favorite links. Forum discussions are open to all subjects of spiritually established paths, philosophy and metaphysics, empirical psychology and holistic medicine, art, literature, poetry and music. Our aim is to provide value in sharing both ancient and modern writings from the greatest contributors of our human history in hope of bringing clarity and harmony. Join us in discovering individual and communal peace toward a life devoid of suffering.

In general, this site is:

  • pro independent food sources and food source alternatives, pro organic foods
  • pro right to freely grow food, livestock, common and medicinal plants
  • pro freedom of consumption of any common foods of choice
  • pro right to use and preserve natural organic seeds, against copyrighting of natural seeds
  • pro right to know and truth in labeling of foods and medicines
  • pro land ownership and pro independent self-sustainable settlements
  • pro urgent addressing of the problem of disappearing bees
  • pro increasing number of life alternatives
  • pro conscious management of life
  • pro conscious and moderated use of science and technologies
  • pro preservation of natural biodiversity
  • pro right to practice and use any alternative medicines
  • pro elevated public education and free educational alternatives
  • pro space exploration and space settlement
  • pro alternative energy sources
  • pro right of self-protection and responsible gun ownership
  • pro non-interference with personal and communal freedoms
  • pro increasing degree of world peace and gainful stability
  • pro increasing degree of common benefits and equality
  • pro increase of political activism
  • pro increased use of information technologies in political systems
  • pro freedom of personal political choice
  • pro freedom of local economical choice
  • pro freedom of personal spiritual choice

    Our website is in the process of continuous improvement, to which anyone can contribute. Terms of use and disclaimers are provided here.

    You are free to copy and publish any of the materials found here, as long as you provide a reference and a link pointing to the original article on this website.

    Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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