Important! Outrageus fact!

March 13th, 2016 at 15:20

Important! Outrageus fact!


Attack of killer journalists on the Man of the World.

An outrageous incident occurred recently in Ukraine. The world’s largest international public organization “ALLATRA” (whose members live in more than 180 countries around the world) was slandered and suffered a hard attack of corrupt killer journalists, who discredit the honor of the journalistic world community, degrade human dignity, and who are ready for 30 pieces of silver to sell their own god. Moreover, these are the people without honor and conscience, dishonoring to the whole world the title “journalist”, subjected Igor Danilov, whom people in many countries, call a man of peace, to a real deadly danger. Many people call Igor Danilov a man of peace, Mahatma – Great Soul, as Mahatma Gandhi in India was called in his time. For millions of people around the world, he is an example of honor and conscience, the hope for a brighter, more equitable future, the mastermind of peaceful global community initiatives and changes in the global society.


International People’s Movement “ALLATRA” – a unique national movement, in which the people themselves in their spare time successfully implement a completely new format of communication, association and interaction of people around the world on the principles of good and justice. Global movement “ALLATRA” is based on respect for the cultural diversity of the peoples of the world, humanistic, democratic ideals and values, and is engaged in social, cultural and moral activities worldwide.

This vile hounding by the killer journalists began after the public speech of Igor Danilov: As a Christian, he openly defended the true Islam and unity of all people on the planet. Such actions of killers who call themselves “journalists” disgrace this important and necessary occupation for humanity. After all, when carrying out his activities, a decent journalist is obliged to respect the legitimate rights, interests, honor and dignity of citizens and organizations, to verify the accuracy of the information reported to it, and, above all, be a human.


Disclosure of this fact has caused a wide public resonance in the society and contributed to the appearance of this letter. It is intended to consolidate all good people around the world, including the conscientious journalists, for whom the concept of honor, conscience and humanity are not empty words. It is intended to unite those who contribute to the spread of true information in the world on the principles of justice and spiritual and moral values.

As long as there is evil in the world, injustice and the degradation of the human spirit, the world community will always rely on such primary sources of peace and kindness, like Mahatma Gandhi and Igor Danilov, to maintain its dignity. “We are all human and we all have a place of residence – the Earth, one nationality – humanity, one value – life, through which we can adequately realize ourselves and the meaning of its existence in the highest spiritual and moral aspect” (from the Report of the International Public Movement “ALLATRA” “On the problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. The effective way to address these problems”).

Good begets good!

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