Смысл жизни – бессмертие

September 9th, 2015 at 8:23

Now with subtitles in English, follow the instructions as depicted on the image below


In the “Meaning of Life: Immortality” program you will see:

  • Secrets of life and death, secret of existence
  • Caveats on the path of spiritual development – games of consciousness
  • Body, consciousness, brain – instruments of the material world
  • How to overcome doubts on spiritual path?
  • How to distinguish spiritual Truth from Lies of the system?
  • What is work on oneself. How to make the inner choice?
  • What is spiritual sight and spiritual hearing?
  • How to develop intuitive-feeling based perception?
  • How to begin to live with deep feelings?
  • Silver thread – the way to the Soul
  • Importance of attention in spiritual becoming
  • Life in the body – a trial for the Person
  • There are many religions, the Truth is one
  • Fore-runner of the eternal life
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