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September 17th, 2014 at 10:33

After years of struggling with various WinTel products, I finally got a Mac Book Pro laptop. I remember back in the day when I was sitting in the computer labs of my university, there were HP Unix workstations, WinTel PCs and Macs. For the life of me, at that point I couldn’t imagine I would ever use a Mac. The Mac OS seemed not to be user friendly. All computers at that time seemed equal in computational power, with HP UNIX workstations the fastest, indeed. But new times had come, and then I started using WinTel PCs and later, laptops. Slowly, WinTel laptops degraded in usability, since for every minor problem (and God knows, there were many) I had to spend multiple hours reading through pages and pages of support forums. So, no surprise, now when I have an issue on my old WinTel laptop, I can’t help myself but smirk quietly “I have an alternative now, I have the Mac Book Pro laptop”. I installed Windows 7 on Mac Book Pro, using Boot Camp, so now I don’t have to divide myself between two physical computers, it’s two systems in one. So far so good, I am planning to explore the apps for Mac OS and see how I can use the Mac Book Pro laptop for media creation. But for anybody so far, I strongly recommend buying a Mac Book Pro laptop.

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