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Sensei IV by Anastasia Novykh

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

This book, even though it is a continuation of the previous series of books by Anastasia, can be viewed as a stand-alone piece by the volume and the quality of information contained in it. It is in this book, Sensei in easy-going conversation shares with his friends his deep knowledge of global history, from Ancient Egypt to modernity. It also contains an amazing story of Imhotep, a man from a simple family, who, thanks to his knowledge and efforts could not only achieve a high governmental position, and become a second man after Pharaoh, but also change the system of management of government, so that the very talented and deeply conscious people, regardless of their social origin, could take responsible positions. As a result, Egypt has risen to a high level of development of civilization, which it could not achieve thereafter.

The book contains information about hidden forces which drive the world and humanity in politics, social economics as well as any significant world events. It tells the reader how to deal with such forces, by refusing to serve the groups behind these forces through day-to-day choices in the usual stream of circumstances. In the series of books of the author a thorough analysis of future events is given, which will certainly happen given the current conditions within the society. A clear historical sight of past events is given, without clinging to preference of narrow interest groups and without censorship of historians originating from big power structures, hidden behind the scenes of public observance.

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