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Summary of market calls re-visited

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Computing the cumulative gain since October 2003, I arrived at the following figures:

Oil and Gold 2003 buy calls – cumulative gain 400%

DOW, NASDAQ buy and sell calls – cumulative gain 68%

Total cumulative gain = 468% over 9 years, which gives 18.7% a year average return over the past near decade.

2012 in review

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

After abandoning all other sites, I have decided to agglomerate all content on this one. Year 2012 came and went, without any further hopes to pull the necessary human resources into my other project, due to lack of any common ground with potential partners and general unwillingness of people to work under an umbrella of a uniting idea, even for a potential benefit in future. So as it was in the past, people are leaving business enterprises and startups for a more secure, stable positions in medium to large corporations. Which is somewhat understandable I guess, priority wise I was never able to get into their minds, but now it’s more or less clear – when I was thinking of opportunities, my partners were thinking stability. Meanwhile, undertakings such as and came by and became successful ventures. Similar was with smaller ideas, and now after a 2000′s decade plus some two years I am left with no choice but to either take investment capital (which I’ rather not do at this point) or singly subsidize my undertakings, without any reliance on other individuals. So shall this site stay on, because I cannot like others spread my attention to several different projects. As far as investment and trading (I happen to be a trader), this year was about as OK as any other given year. 49% cumulative gain, after about a decade of being consistently in plus with larger or smaller returns than this year. I guess I will be moving my financial stuff to this site as well, as time becomes near yearly 2013, so stay tuned for updates. The future of this site I envision to be more like personal site about finance and spirituality with extended features, such as social networking and the like. Overall, this has been an OK year with Hurricane Sandy survived and end of Mayan calendar survived. After all, all calendars are just cyclical.

With sincere best wishes for your next 2013 year,

Nick “Meralog” Krasnov.

2012 financial review

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Here is a re-cap of history of our financial market prognosis so far:

October 2003 Gold and Oil Long BUY call

March 2009 DOW, NASDAQ and emerging markets HOLD call

May 2010 DOW, NASDAQ short SELL call

May 2011 DOW, NASDAQ short SELL call

November 2011 DOW, NASDAQ BUY call

Here is a summary of latest 2012 financial market prognosis:


it can be easily calculated from the chart, that the cummulative return based on our predictions starting November 2011 is 49%. News Aggregator

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 news aggregator – the ultimate concatenated/aggregated world news reader

Compilation of major daily world news into one page with in-depth search and archive. Search news in finance, politics, world, spiritual, green, technology, science and health.

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Random Web 2.0 name generator

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Here is a random Web 2.0 name generator I wrote in PHP using some simple semantic rules. I don’t guarantee that the generator will only generate legit words, that is, explicit words will appear sometimes. You can use it for domain registration, sometimes it produces some cool Web2.0 type names. Hit “refresh” to generate new names!

Attention visitors

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Our site was recently attacked by malware spammers. Please check later for updates as we fix the issue.


UPDATE 12/26/12: The forum is re-launched in read only mode. Currently new registrations are disabled until further notice. Thank you.

UPDATE 12/31/12 Forum is being fixed until TBD. Please check back later, thank you.

UPDATE 12/31/12 Forum is fixed in read-only mode.

UPDATE 1/2/12 Link section is currently in read-only mode. Submission of links has a software issue, and currently is being fixed. Forum is in read-only mode, and currently is being worked on. – art & visual ingenuity

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

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