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Special Report: Is America the sick man of the globe?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

America now faces “structural” unemployment. Which means unless the world’s largest economy changes in a fundamental way, millions of unskilled workers will remain jobless and economic growth will be sluggish, at best

“The financial sector and America’s wealthiest classes can help grow the economy, but not enough to bring down unemployment,” said Harm Bandholz, chief U.S. economist at UniCredit Research in New York.

None of this means a death spiral is inevitable. A growing number of economists and investors like PIMCO’s Gross say a fix exists: a comprehensive overhaul of America’s education system and retraining programs for the unskilled.


On Enlightenment

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Enlightenment often seems to be “understood” as ultimate relativism by the modern Western spiritual currents which have their roots in Eastern traditions such as Buddhism and Advaita-Vedanta. It is “advertised” by all sorts of spiritual teachers and gurus as sort of a happy “dissociative” pill. Take the pill, and you have nothing left to worry about. There _is_ nothing to worry about, after all, everything is an illusion, there is nothing real, the world is not real, the self is not real, that is, everything is ultimately relative. This brings about the question of relativity of relativeness. If everything is relative, then the very statement that everything is relative, is itself relative, and hence does not stand a test of reason. Therefore, Enlightenment cannot be taken as ultimate relativism. It is not a dissociative happy pill, taking which leads a being to various strands of solipsism and, ultimately, nihilism. The world is _not_ a mere illusion, but has a certain degree of reality. Things which happen in the world, the history, that is, the relative domain of reality has a connection to the absolute domain. Therefore accepting the notion of Enlightenment as a happy dissociative pill, where there is nothing left to care about is utterly wrong motion, and has nothing to do with the true Dharma. Relative is connected with absolute to some degree. Our decisions and actions are important. Nihilistic postmodern-like mutual put down attitude is not a sign of a liberated, enlightened being. It is a sign of a deeply misled being, who took wrong notions to be an absolute. True Drarma lies in the middle of eternalism and nihilism. Taking either or both of the extremes will lead a being to certain consequences, which, unfortunately, have nothing to do with liberation. It is a very subtle point which unfortunately is missed by a lot of modern-day gurus.

by John Meralog

CURA Association

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The CURA Association’s purpose lies in organizing those activities aimed at promoting a serious astrology, documented by all means deemed necessary. Its plans include dialogues with university research departments, the creation of a research library, the development and promotion of the CURA site, and the exchange of important documents among its members. Its research and study objectives are multi-disciplinary and transcultural. Particular attention will be paid to the Renaissance and documents related to the work of Nostradamus.

The association members will have access to all documents and present and future articles published on the CURA site, and by request, texts not available on the site, when possible. Surveys of new articles, texts and documents not publicly available, will now be published on this page.

A Priori

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Сайт рассчитан на тех, кто чувствует, что мы вошли в период глобальных перемен, кто понимает, что настало время изменить сложившиеся представления о мире, существующие взаимоотношения и шкалу ценностей. Кто ощущает необходимость приоритета человеческого над потребительским и за кризисом цивилизационным видит кризис человеческий. Кто понимает, что только высокая внутренняя культура и лучшие человеческие качества позволят пережить этот судьбоносный исторический период.

В самое ближайшее время нам предстоит вернуться к известной мысли, что центральная фигура всех происходящих процессов – человек. Она все чаще звучит не только в среде деятелей культуры, но также из уст первых лиц государства.

Но какой человек станет нашим ориентиром? Человек-потребитель со все возрастающими аппетитами к развлечениям и вещам, приспосабливающий окружающий мир под эти потребности, или человек – носитель высших ценностей, восстанавливающий утраченную гармонию между людьми, природой и законами мироздания?

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