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Thursday, December 30th, 2010

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Sunday, December 5th, 2010

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Conscious Goal Setting

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

On the topic of goal setting the story of one elderly pious woman comes to mind. Sitting on a bench, she explained things about our life to a young girl. “All of us here on a business trip – She said – And each of us has his own mission, its task with which we have come from the kingdom of God. This task is not to establish a company, buy a car, build a summer residence … and not even a life alleviated of needs. It is to fulfill our major assignment, taken from above. ” On the question of how to find out what someone’s assignment is, she simply replied: “To live according to conscience, to help neighbors and find yourself a goal that will carry you through life. And then the Lord will provide. ”

What motivates us? No need to spend much time on sociological research, to understand that the majority of people today are driven by a desire to be successful. Success today – is a task of high importance. But this desire can not be called objective. This is nothing more than a desire to conform to common social stereotypes.

At the same time for members of the society the main task today (especially in a crisis) – to survive and preserve what he has. And the rest – will be as it will be. Man does not think that will happen tomorrow, he absorbed the current troubles. “How is it possible to speak of goals today?”, says a citizen who is submerged to his current daily problems. “I’d be happy to stand a day, and hold out the night.” But no matter how paradoxical it may not look, it is a global goal, standing above the normal, everyday, does not allow us to lose the human face, to forget that we are all people, not the device for consumption of food and entertainment, which must constantly meet someone created cliches: whether to study, choice of brand cars, real estate acquisition …

In our time, positive goal setting is not only the philosophical attributes not only the ability to plan working hours and the ability to identify the best solutions to problems, it is the lighthouse, the landmark that can not get lost in the maze of today’s problems or the slogans of some pseudo-spiritual trends

Criterion is very simple – to remain human. Be conscientious, humane, fair. Understand the viciousness of the principle of life “to live in our own name.” Keep in sight the permanent and indestructible, that which in the heat of our adult games with real estate, image, career and other “adult toys”, we completely forget. Most striking is the indescribable frivolity with which adults are given to these modern amusements, considering them their main life goals.

Positive goal-setting – is very serious. It’s application is for the completion of the “kindergarten period”, it is a step in a more conscious, more adult life that requires more courage, more accountability, a better understanding of the laws that drive this world, and that no one has yet canceled, and finally, this is our chance to get out of the dark labyrinth, in which, for various reasons we have got and the end of which we somehow expected soon.

This, of course, is the inner focus. And the way of it also lies solely in our inner space. Wise people say about the victory over ourselves, that the value of one such victory surpasses many victories over the thousands of soldiers on the battlefield.

But first, after all, there must appear a goal standing above all the ghostly phantoms of modern life, awareness of the power that gives a meaningful positive goal setting.

Experience has shown that the most effective and successful person is the one who is able to articulate what he wants, who, with their inner eye has a bright, clear, and detailed vision of the desired image of who fills it with his indomitable energy, who is like a flying arrow, aspiring to the goal … but how many people put such goals? Most tend to adapt to what they are offered already by existing life circumstances. A person in such a situation is reminiscent of a boat entirely in the power of nature. The likelihood that the boat will find a welcoming shore, is vanishingly small.

But first we need just to imagine – what we want, what life purpose we are going to realize and in what kind of society we would like to do it. The main features of such a social environment are similar. All we wanted to see the benevolent and caring relationships between people, the ability to enjoy, not envy, desire to cooperate rather than compete, to be responsive, and not indifferent …

Conscious goal-setting – is a milestone. Once a person understands that without setting goals, whatever these goals are, he will not achieve anything in life, he takes a step in his development as a person. We can say that only the being who began to realize himself as a person is capable of goal-setting. (In the future, the very goals as they evolve will have an impact on the person). All that has been created on the planet – is the result of the materialization of set goals.

We can say that the person in the course of development goes through three phases. The first – a man fully controlled by processes in the society. Second – formation of identity through self-affirmation through the ability to set goals and achieve them. Third – participation in solving global problems which requires creative collaboration. It must be emphasized that only formed personalities, personalities which took shape, can form a creative group that can influence global processes in any sphere of public life, whether it’s culture, economy, politics, ecology …

Sometimes the purpose of life is substituted for the meaning of life. But this is not the same thing. Goal – it marks the way, the tactics, while the meaning of life – a strategy that forms the focus of their life journey. We can say that goals – are always ahead, it is our subjective view of the future. The meaning of life is always with us, it is within us, is our attitude, our value priorities. The set goals materialize the meaning of life, filling the lives with concrete action. The concepts of meaning and goal are interdependent. One usually can not exist without the other.

Ability to set goals and achieve them – is the most important quality of a person is directly linked to his or her ability to develop. Current trends indicate that a person with a positive global goal perspective has an incomparable advantage in overcoming the conflicts of troubled times.

In the ancient mysteries there was a “trial by movement of beam of light”. The subject, who was in a dark room, was to follow the beam, sliding along the ground, without slowing down, whatever the obstacles, temptations and fears do not stand up in his path. Modern life mysteries use other attributes, the adequate to existing conditions, but the essence of the test is the same – test of loyalty to the subject, the determination to follow it through. Will we be able to follow the beam of our dreams and our moral beliefs?

Recall the words of the very pious woman, presented at the beginning of the article. If a person had the will and determination to live according to conscience, to help neighbors and do not deviate from the chosen path, he or she will certainly be ready for the next stage – taking a conscious part in addressing global human problems.

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Sunday, December 5th, 2010

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Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

…The story began in 1994 on the bank of the River Ob amidst the endless expanses of the Siberian taiga. The well-known Siberian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre met with two elderly gentlemen who told him about the amazing properties of the Siberian cedar (also known in the West as the Siberian pine ). At first he didn’t pay much attention to what they told him, but as he continued to reflect on it, Vladimir began to discover, in the historical and scientific literature he examined, more and more evidence supporting their words. Finally he decided to organize an expedition with a fleet of river steamers. The expedition was ostensibly for commercial purposes, but in actual fact his overriding motivation was to find the elders again and learn more about the secrets of the cedar… – in English – in Russian

Astronomers Get First Peek at Atmosphere of a “Super-Earth” Exoplanet

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

New constraints on a relatively small extrasolar world are beginning to reveal what the planet is made of–and whether it looks anything like our own

Someday in the coming years, if astronomers finally succeed in locating a virtual Earth twin outside the solar system—a tiny dot of a world at a temperate, life-enabling distance from a sunlike star—the achievement will hardly be cause for resting on observational laurels. Instead another race will begin: to characterize the planet and its atmosphere and to determine if the world is truly habitable or, tantalizingly, if it is already inhabited by some extraterrestrial life-form.

In the meantime, astronomers are honing their techniques on the closest thing available—so-called super-Earths, just a few times the mass of our own planet, which are too hot to be habitable but are interesting in their own right. To that end, a team of researchers has managed to capture the light spectrum of a super-Earth backlit by its host star. The measurements provide an unprecedented glimpse of the atmosphere of a relatively small planet; most worlds that have been located in other planetary systems are behemoths more massive than Jupiter.

Sedona Magnetic Anomaly Website

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

…Long hailed by native Americans as the place where “mother Earth speaks”, and more recently by newcomers as home of the “mystical vortex”, Sedona proves to be much more than a place of intense beauty. You may have heard people refer to the mysterious Sedona vortexes but not truly understand what they are or how one is created…

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