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Waterfall Symbolism

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Posted 28 January - 06:19 PM

Waterfalls are one of the basic motifs of Chinese landscape painting, from such painters of the
T'ang Dynasty as Wu Tao-tzu and Wang Wei, to those of the Sung Dynasty. In basic pairings,
the waterfall contrasts with the rock, MOUNTAIN and WATER, and yin and yang.

The downward movement of water alternates with the upward movement of the mountain,
the dynamism of the waterfall with the static properties of the rock. It is, and this coincides
with the teachings of C'an (Zen) Buddhism, the symbol of impermanence as opposed to changelessness.

The waterfall persists as an entity, but is never the same.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, had already noted this in the phenomenon of the stream.
Observing that in the same river it is never the same water flowing past, he provided the basis of the theories of the continuous evolution of beings and of the paradox of thought which claims to fix through rigid definition what is fluid. The drops of water which make up the waterfall are renewed each second, just like, according to Buddhism, the purely illusory components of manifestation.

The downward movement of the waterfall carries the same meaning as the downward direction
of heavenly activity, deriving from the still center, the Immutable, and displaying its infinite potentiality.

Still water would provide the image of motionless latency from which all manifestations derive and to which they will ultimately return. Thus Wang Wei painted his waterfall with a hanging cloud of spray,
a cloud which floats and from which water comes, the gleaming liquid spray passing and vanishing.

Waterfalls are also unharnessed elemental motion, the force-fields which one needs to master and control to one's spiritual benefit, something akin to the concerns of Tantrism.

This symbol is also that of permanence of form despite change of content. Mme Liliane Brion-Guerry observes that by a species of inner vision 'beyond the natural appearance of the waterfall, its symbolic meaning may be discovered as an emblem of continuous motion, and emblem of the world in which the elements change ceaselessly while its shape remains the same.'


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Posted 17 March - 02:37 AM

"Water is the symbol of unconscious energy,
the formless powers of the soul of hidden and unrecognized motivation.
Water, symbol of what is unconscious of itself, holds the contents of the soul
which the fisherman tries to bring to the surface and which should be his food.
The fish is a creature of the psyche."

Aeppli, Ernest, Les Reves et Leur Interpretation, Paris, 1951

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." Meister Eckhart


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Posted 14 January - 07:32 PM

“I keep my kindness in my eyes 
Gently folded around my iris 
Like a velvety, brown blanket 
That warms my vision 

I keep my shyness in my hair 
Tucked away into a ponytail 
Looking for a chance to escape 
On a few loose strands in the air 

I keep my anger on my lips 
Just waiting to unleash into the world 
But trust me; it’s never in my heart 
It evaporates into words 

I keep my dignity upon my chin 
Like a torch held up high 
For those who have betrayed me 
Radiating a silent, strong message 

I keep my gratitude in my smile
A glistening waterfall in the sun 
Gently splashing at that person
Who made me happy for some reason 

I keep my sensitivity in my hands 
Reaching out for your wet cheek 
Holding you, with all the love 
The love I want to share, and feel 

I keep my passion in my writing 
My words breathing like fire 
Screeching against an endless road 
As I continue to be inspired 

I keep my simplicity in my soul 
Spread over me like a clear sky 
Reflecting all that I am 
And all that’s ever passed me by 

And I hope you will look 
Beyond my ordinary face
My simple, tied hair
My ordinary tastes 
And I hope you will see me 
From everyone...apart 
As I keep my beauty 
in my heart.” 

Sanober Khan

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." Meister Eckhart


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